Utilizing break-through advances in fuel efficiency technology, Quad-City Innovations (QCI) is a manufacturer of proprietary equipment used in producing QC-Gas to augment natural gas, propane gas, diesels, and gasoline fueled systems. 

During operation, QC-Gas itself produces zero emissions, drastically reduces harmful fossil fuel carbon emissions and greatly increases the efficiency of the fossil fuel burn rate.

QC-Gas is a proprietary hybrid catalyzing fuel.  When used to augment fossil fuels in a combustion system, QC-Gas will  increase overall efficiencies and significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption, harmful emissions, and green house gases.

Our research scientists discovered that when fossil fuels are augmented with QC-Gas, it creates a catalyst effect on the quantum level, causing any flammable substance to produce more energy with fewer NOx emissions.

  1.   A much greater combustion efficiency using the QC-GasTM / Natural

    Gas mixture than with just Natural Gas alone;

  1.   Maximized local flame temperature proved burning of virtually all

    hydrocarbons present in the fuel;

  1.   Produced the same amount of steam as the control test using 40%

    less fuel;

•   NOx emissions are significantly reduced;