Direct losses from roof top units are higher due to conduction and convection processes where all the heat is transferred to atmosphere. Estimated heat loss of these units is in the range of 40 - 70% depending upon the physical location and the severity of the winter.

QCI offers a roof top option that adds heat exchangers to roof-top units as well as Modine type heating systems.

Utilizing break-through advances in heat recovery technology, Quad-City Innovations (QCI) manufactures and installs proprietary equipment to eliminate conventional heat losses by recovering heat from exhaust gases and pre-heating combustion air. The result is a highly efficient system  that directly decreases energy costs and minimizes the impact of green house gases, acid rain, and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. 

The state-of-the-art QCI-HRT System reduces fuel usage in large commercial and industrial boilers, ovens, dryers and furnaces

  1. -  Up to 95% Exhaust Heat Recovered

  2. -  Reduces Fuel Consumption in boilers by 25% - 50%

  3. -  Reduces Fuel Consumption in large commercial and industrial ovens by 40% - 70%

  4. -  Reduces Harmful Emissions up to 70%

  5. -  Reduces Greenhouse Gases up to 50%

  6. -  Reduces Electricity Consumption

  7. -  Reduces Water Usage

  8. -  CO2 is lowered as a result of reduced fuel consumption

  9. -  Additional hardware can reduce emissions to near 0%

    (includes: Mercury, Sulfur, and other particulates)

The QCI-HRT System consists of a large chamber and tubing constructed with high quality stainless steel. Most heat recovery systems preheat feed water, unlike the QCI-HRT system. The exhaust heat and combustion gases which would normally exit through the flue (stack or chimney) are now redirected into the QCI- HRT System.