Quad-City Innovations, LLC (QCI) is a provider of facility performance equipment to industrial and energy production facilities. QCI’s proprietary technologies reduce fossil fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and remediate soils.

QCI’s alternative energy and energy efficiency solutions reduce fossil fuel consumption while our clean technology reduces emissions that threaten the environment globally.

Since inception, Quad-City Innovations has been a manufacturer of proprietary equipment used in augmenting natural gas, propane gas, diesels, and gasoline fueled systems. During operation, our equipment drastically reduces harmful fossil fuel carbon emissions and greatly increases the efficiency of the fossil fuel burn rate.

To stay ahead of the curve, QCI has continued to develop and acquire cutting edge technologies. QCI has the ability to assist all markets in significantly lowering their energy usage and carbon footprint.


Based in the Detroit metropolitan area, QCI is committed to bringing the latest and most reliable environmental and energy technologies to our customers.

QCI will make the process affordable in the current economical climate. Our products are self-cleaning, reliable, and low maintenance. Each system is designed to require a minimum investment with immediate returns. Usually the savings in the capital equipment cost are at least 50%.

Every installation is backed by the QCI Comprehensive Warrantee. Our service team has decades of successful experience on a wide variety of difficult applications, worldwide. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity. Just ask for our client reference list and list of Patents and publications.

Corporate Office

Tech Center


Dean P. Rose     Chief Executive Officer

Dean Rose has nearly 20 years of experience leading several successful companies as President and CEO.  With a history of bringing new technologies to market, Dean has a proven track record of sales initiatives to major corporate and international consumer, retail, US Government and military contracts.  Leadership expertise includes product design, development, manufacturing and distribution.

Ronald A. Jona     Chief Financial Officer

Founder of Ron Jona & Associates (Southfield, MI) 

Extensive development and managment experience.  His service firm designs, develops, and manages a large portfolio of commercial properties with clients including: Walgreens, St. John’s Hospital, 7-11 Corporation, Dominos, and Panasonic.

Ronald Reaves    Chief Operating Officer

Ron Reaves’ ability to manage manufacturing, logistics, and deployment was developed over 28 years during work in various industries ranging from energy, electronics, to food processing.  He coordinates all aspects of manufacturing from prototype to end product design.  His efforts have provided growth and innovation to QCI while he has researched and developed water purification and energy reduction technologies related to frequency modulation.

Chris Cuvar    Chief Technology Officer - Energy Systems

Chris Cuvar brings his extensive understanding of mechanical engines, power plant operations, as well as a background in nuclear physics and metallurgy, to QCI.  Additionally, he has studied the frequency effects on atomic structures and organic chemistry (hydrocarbon combustion and HazMat chemistry).  Experience includes the design and fabrication of mechanical components using both rare and common materials, and extensive work with the magnetic effects on water and metals.  He leads a coalition of scientists and technicians who have developed the QC-Gas process.