Quad City Innovations can efficiently and economically remediate soil contaminated with volatile organic compounds in a much shorter time period than competitors.

Utilizing the patented HSVE (Heated Soil Vapor Extraction) technology, QCI will clean up saturated soils containing solvents, fuels, and PNA’s (para-nuclear aeromatics) to less than 1 PPM.  Our experts will implement an innovative and cost effective environmental strategy for each client’s unique setting and situation.

   There is no excavation of the contaminated soil

   Removes any organic concentration of contaminates

   Treats organic constituents in situ

   Closed-loop system enclosed with outside barrier piping

   Hot Oil/Water is circulated in the piping grid between

     injection and extraction wells

   Heat transfers through conduction as well as convection

Heated Soil Vapor Extraction (HSVE) is a process that cleans contaminated soil (biological and organic) by a thermally enhanced recovery method and has gained significant attention in recent years. The process comprises of a heat well (heat source) and an extraction well (sink). These wells are pipes which are implanted in the soil. Heating is accomplished by circulating hot oil through the heat exchange units in heat well. The extraction well has a vacuum blower that draws the air and other volatile gases that evaporate due to heating.

The key parameters in the process can be identified as the distance between the wells, the temperature that has to be maintained in the heat well and the time required vaporizing the gases and taking them off the soil. These parameters are strongly dependent on the properties of the soil and properties of the chemical pollutants present in the soil. We have successfully treated Toluene, Xylene, clorinated solvents, total petroleum hydrocarbons and very high numbers of diesel fuels.